MSc in Project Management – 12 Months (ARU)

MSc in Project Management – 12 Months (ARU)

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    About this course

    MSc in Project Management – 12 Months (ARU)

    It is a well-known postgraduate degree that is highly valued by leading companies. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a graduate degree that is highly regarded by leading businesses. As a result of this experience, compensation, professional reputation, and networking opportunities improve. If you are a recent graduate with some business experience and aspirations for a high-level position in your field of study or profession, you may benefit from an MBA.

    Our 24 month online MBA curriculum enables you to think logically, laterally, and independently through a two-stage rigorous, comprehensive, and engaging programme. You save money while earning the same degree as full-time university students because you can study on the job at any time and in any location. You can study whenever and wherever you choose.

    This 24 month online MBA programme is more than just academic study; it is also an opportunity for professional development. By investigating and analysing real-world business problems that you will be tasked with resolving, you will gain a deeper understanding of how a business operates. The strategic approach we take to business and management helps you acquire the skills necessary to contribute to the crucial business decisions that organisations must make to ensure their long-term viability.

    Program Overview: MSc in Project Management – 12 Months (ARU)

    Key Highlights of Master of Business Administration (MBA) – 12 Months qualification are:


    Postgraduate Course
    This course help you to:

    Top Skills You Will Learn

    MSc in Project Management 12 months is widely seen as a passport to a successful career in the Project Management domain. It demonstrates the breadth and depth of your functional competence, strategic knowledge and problem-solving ability. The module is designed to make a major contribution to your professional and intellectual development, through enabling you to demonstrate your capacity for sustained independent thought, learning and critical reflection.

    Who is this Program For?

    MSc in Project Management 12 months programme is ideal for working professionals, successful managers, executives and professionals who want to take their career to a new level and Ambitious people who want to fast track their chosen career or start a new enterprise


    Upon successful completion of your online MSc in Project Management degree 12 months programme, you will also become eligible to gain direct entry into relevant Doctorate or PhD degree programme. Additionally this MSc in Project Management 12 months programme offers you a wide range of career paths in the Project Management domain.

    Minimum Eligibility

    For entry onto the online MSc in Project Management 12 months qualification, learners must possess an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in related subject or UK level 6 Diploma or an equivalent overseas qualification. Learner must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the course. No formal qualification is required from mature learners (over 21 years) who have a relevant management experience.

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    For entry onto the MSc in Project Management – 12 months qualification, learners must possess:
    • An Undergraduate / Bachelor’s Degree in related subject or UK Level 6 Diploma or an equivalent overseas qualification
    • Learner must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the course,


    • No formal qualification is required from mature learners (over 21 years) who have a relevant management experience.

    The qualification is offered in English.

    Course Structure: MSc in Project Management – 12 months

    The MSc in Project Management – 12 months programme consists of 2 Stages.

    Stage 1:

    This stage is delivered by London School of Business and Research.  The programme involves delivery through on-line Learning Management System (LMS). This stage leads to award of Othm Level 7 Diploma in Project Management.

    Credits earned at this stage – 120 credits (60 ECTS).

    1. Planning, Controlling and Leading a Project (30 credits)
    2. Procurement Risk and Contract Management (30 credits)
    3. Advanced Project and Logistics Management (20 credits)
    4. Operations and Information Management for Project Managers (20 credits)
    5. Advanced Research Methods (20 credits)
    Successful completion of Stage 1 leads to Progression to Stage 2
    Stage 2:

    On completion of the diploma programme you can progress / Top-up with an MSc in Project Management degree through a UK University. The stage 2 is delivered online by the professors expert in their field.

    Credits earned at this stage – 60 credits (30 ECTS).

    Completion of Stage 2 leads to award of MSc in Project Management Degree from the University

    Course Content for Stage 2

    Project Management Systems: You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the project management process, as well as the diverse range of resources and activities that the project manager must plan, coordinate, and control in order to complete the project successfully. This module establishes a framework for project management by emphasising the role and functions of project management throughout the project’s life cycle, from conception to completion and use.

    Project Management Techniques: You will gain a systematic understanding of a variety of critical tools and techniques used in project management, enabling you to conduct a critical analysis of project requirements and select and apply the most appropriate techniques for your project. With a focus on continuous improvement, lean and agile production systems will be investigated, as well as other performance improvement tools and techniques, such as risk and risk management, for identifying and managing risk throughout the project’s life cycle.

    Dissertation Research Project:  This module allows you to conduct significant independent research using appropriate, recognised methods. You will select and pursue an area of project management that interests you and in which you wish to gain significant expertise. You’ll collaborate with your course tutor to develop and refine the project’s theme, and your tutor will assist you throughout the research and writing process. This module provides an opportunity for you to apply your newly acquired skills and knowledge and to demonstrate them to current and prospective employers.

    This qualifications at RQF Level 7 represent practical knowledge, skills, capabilities and competences that are assessed in academic terms as being equivalent to:

    • Master’s Degrees,
    • Integrated Master’s Degrees,
    • Postgraduate Diplomas,
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and
    • Postgraduate Certificates

    Yes, the MSc in Project Management degree qualification is accredited and is validated and awarded by the UK Public University.  Duration of the course is 12 months.

    This course will help you to Boost your Salary, Increase your Professional Reputation, and Expand your Networking Opportunities

    What if I already have an Ofqual, UK accredited Level 7 Diploma in Project Management qualification with 120 credits

    Learners who hold an Ofqual, UK accredited Level 7 Qualification in Project Management, may be eligible to enrol in the following courses:

    MSc in Project Management – Top-up (60 Credits) from ARU – 9 month duration

    There is no visa requirements for to attend this programme

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